Friday, February 10, 2012

a new twist

This started out as a blog about my horses, Gabe and Tate. It is still going to have a lot of horse in it but I've decided to make a focus change. After reading a friend's blog I've decided to try using this as an accountability blog for what I hope will be a successful time of weight loss. I desperately want and need to lose 45 pounds. I've lost the first five of those over and over and over. I'm tired of failing at weight loss! As a rule I do a good job at whatever I take on, but for some reason that's not happened in the weight loss arena for some time now.

Soooooo, this is going to be my forum - even if nobody follows it. I'm going to sort of, kind of, follow weightwatchers - the old one though, not the new. Basically lots of veggies, a few fruits, lean protein and a few whole grains. I don't want to eliminate any particular food group entirely. I don't want to have to eat totally different from everyone else in the house either. I just want sensible weight loss. No, in all honesty I was to lose all 45 pounds by tomorrow morning! Since that obviously can't happen, I'm going to begin on Monday with the right foods in the house and try to do a good job of this. I'll try to blog a bit everyday - kind of a food journal and tracking system.

Wish me luck!

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