Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And then there were two!!!

This is Tate. Until Saturday his name was Tater but I think he's much to handsome to be named for a food item! He is now residing in my back yard just across two strands of electric fence from Gabe. K2 can now claim Gabey Baby for all her own. Tate is mine :)

Dr. Sharon came to see him yesterday and pronounced him a good buy - clean legs, nice white teeth, good feet, and she was most impressed with his manners. He stood very quietly for the most part and he's still pretty 'new' to the environment. She gave him his shots and picked 3 of his feet. He wanted to give her the 4th but just couldn't. He is probably a bit stiff on his right rear and doesn't want to put all his weight on it. I'll keep working on that and will warm him up first next time. He's had a long stretch of inactivity and then he rode in a trailer for more than an hour on Saturday. The doc wants him to gain about 70 pounds of muscle so hopefully we will start out with an easy ride today after work.

Remember the favored china horse in my very first post on this blog...chestnut with white markings.....Tate has gone him one white markings on his face and that's unusual. Welcome home Tate!!!