Monday, February 13, 2012

Here we go

I managed to get to the grocery store between rehearsals and church and softball and visiting a friend in the hospital....whew! I have a meal plan, I have the right groceries....I should be good to go. I'm going to set small goals - Pastor Ed used the elephant eating analogy in his sermon yesterday but changed it to be a pie-eating contest since is sounded more attractive. Since I'm looking to lose weight I think I'll stick with the elephant! First bite is going to be a blanket "loose as much as possible before opening night". Might or might not be easy since we are going to be rehearsing like crazy between now and then. For today I am planning to skip any official dinner since Kevin and I are getting together early so we have time to work without interruption.

I started my day off okay with an egg white omelet. It had mushrooms, tomatoes, diced ham and a little cheese. I brought in Special K, almond milk, yogurt, a couple of strawberries, a small apple, 3 clementines, and a bag of "baby" carrots. I'm going to eat some of those items between now and leaving the office. I'll stop home just long enough to pick up the coatrack which should be arriving from sometime today. The executive board decided to just buy one for LETCO since we seem to need one for almost every show. I'm going to try to drink lots of water today and will attempt to walk as far as possible to a ladies room so I get in some exercise without actually having to go to the gym or's cold!

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