Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've been away you can see. The second half of last week wasn't as well behaved as the first but I did manage to lose just short of two pounds. This week is flying by and crazy busy with two productions in the works. We did Night with costumes last night for the first time. Definitely some hiccups along the way but despite them it seems to be coming together. I dropped by Grease for a bit just to check in. Will spend some of Saturday there helping with costumes. Once Night is over I'll be all about Grease. Apparently there is a feud going on with the unions and now teachers are not supposed to do anything voluntary. That means the ones who normally help with the drama productions won't be....

Special K for breakfast. A clementine for a snack and now a mixed salad with a bit of london broil and string cheese added in.

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