Monday, March 5, 2012

Here it is a week later - and I'm in the same spot weight-wise. I'm blaming it on Grease. Not the kind in food, the musical! DD#2 is in the ensemble and I'm back stage working costumes, hair, makeup, crowd control, etc. as usual. The show is running for two weekends so there are 3 more performances to go but we have a little break. Nothing yesterday, today, or Tuesday. Wednesday is a tune-up dress rehearsal and then the last 3 performances. I'm going to actually sit in the audience and watch on Saturday. Kevin called yesterday to say he and his mom are going to that performance and asking if I'd join them. Yay! I miss own murder (theatrically speaking, of course). It will be fun to see him enjoy Corinne's performance as Rizzo too since he's her theatrical dance teacher.

I'm going to try to actually lose a pound or two before then. As of this morning I am right back where I was the first week. I'm thinking I'll document a countdown. 34 pounds to go.....

Greek yogurt and an apple for breakfast. I have Smart Ones or chicken soup for lunch and there are mini carrots in the crisper to fill in with. I took a London broil out of the freezer as I left this morning - I'll actually be home to cook it! Will probably marinate, broil, and thinly slice. Big salad and zucchini in one form or another. Rice for the rest. Yay! Dinner!

Oh!! I almost forgot. I bought a dark chocolate cake mix and an angelfood one. Mixed them in a big ziploc and made 3,2,1 Cake last night. Soooo good, and just right for a single serving! 3 tbs mix, 2 tbs water in a coffe mug. Stir. Nuke for 1 minute. Top with lite whipped topping. Mmmmmmmm!! Just a point or so and very good. Will try other flavors later on.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Well, Night Must Fall is over. We had a good run. It was tons of fun. I'm kind of proud of myself for getting through it all....learning the lines....going WAY out on a limb to be seen on stage. I will audition for more things because it was FUN!!!...but now on to other things....

One of them will be a serious shot at losing some weight. I hate seeing myself in the video and in pictures. ACK!!! How did I come to have that shape?? I know I'll never go back to where I was as a younger woman but sheesh!! Obviously I can do better!!

Tomorrow is a new day...or as Olivia would say "here's another day" :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

opening night!

Dress rehearsal was ok...certainly not perfect, but Kevin and I didn't scramble our lines so I consider that good! No idea what the crowd will be. Online ticket sales are sparse. The director opted to skip the road signs and I think that is a mistake. Oh is an audience, I suppose. We should have more than one!

Got up and took the girls to school and then went back to bed since I was up late last night. Ended up with a turkey and american sandwich at lunch time and just ate a smallish piece of pot roast that was leftover. Cast party tonight and Mary always has good stuff.

Although I'm not doing too great a job of sticking to any plan I am thinking about it and Monday is a new 'diet' week.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tonight is dress rehearsal. I'm starting to get nervous....or is that excited? Maybe both? I really can't tell. We did a run through in costumes again last night. Overall I think it went fairly well but Kevin and I managed to scramble two of our scenes together...eek! I couldn't figure out how to get us out of scene 3 when it was really scene 2, but finally blurted out 'Oh, she's probably lost her memory and will turn up any minute' to bring us back to the "present". We did have to go over the same territory again in scene 3 but who knows if most of the audience would actually notice. There is a lot of repetitive dialog in general..... We two stayed for half an hour after everybody else left to run through those two areas a couple of times each - and hopefully we will be able to keep them straight!

Special K for breakfast yesterday. Yogurt, carrots, a clementine....and pot roast with peas and mashed potatoes for dinner. No doubt used all of my points but probably not any extras. All bets are off for the next few days though. So much going on.....I'll just try to do my best.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've been away you can see. The second half of last week wasn't as well behaved as the first but I did manage to lose just short of two pounds. This week is flying by and crazy busy with two productions in the works. We did Night with costumes last night for the first time. Definitely some hiccups along the way but despite them it seems to be coming together. I dropped by Grease for a bit just to check in. Will spend some of Saturday there helping with costumes. Once Night is over I'll be all about Grease. Apparently there is a feud going on with the unions and now teachers are not supposed to do anything voluntary. That means the ones who normally help with the drama productions won't be....

Special K for breakfast. A clementine for a snack and now a mixed salad with a bit of london broil and string cheese added in.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

new do

Well, I got my body wave. It's actually kind of loose curls at the moment. Hopefully my director will not have a heart attack when I walk into rehearsal tonight. I will be working out what I'll do for Night Must Fall over the weekend. Monday is a holiday so I'll have some extra time to play with it. Late yesterday evening I fluffed it up. Wow~probably won't do that again! My head was about twice as wide as normal.

I ate right yesterday but had rather too much chardonnay so I'm going to try to stick with water and iced tea for the rest of the week. Nothing like blowing a bunch of your 'extra' points that way.

Rehearsal at 6pm tonight so I told everyone to fend for themselves. I may reconsider and ask dh to take out the ziploc of smoked turkey vegetable soup that is in the freezer. The dds may eat it or may not but I'll have a bowl and I'm sure dh will. Egg white omelet for breakfast - bacon instead of ham. Special K for lunch, I think. Maybe an apple along the way.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a bold step

I'm getting a body wave this afternoon - taking two hours off to make it happen, even. I can't remember the last time I had any variety of what used to be known as a 'permanent wave'. My hair is longer than it's been in a while (because I wanted some flexibility for Night Must Fall) and I've had to use an assortment of curling implements for a couple of weeks now. I hate them! Been rolling up my hair - well, the top and front anyway - and then going outside to feed Tate and Gabe, etc. I don't actually care so much about the neighbors but won't go to the street to get the newspaper that way. No matter how long I leave the stupid things in, my hair is flat and lanky again by noon or so. Sheesh! I've kind of enjoyed the length but not the extra work, so hopefully a body wave is the answer. We shall see....

Rehearsal last night was just Act 1 - and mostly scene 1. Our esteemed director called me out on my feet and I had a short hissy fit. Not normally the way I roll but I was sooooo frustrated at the fact that we are still changing blocking just over a week out. How the heck are we supposed to remember lines, new blocking, and feet all at the same time. Maybe those seasoned stage types find that easy but I decidedly do not. If I could just take my script and go home I'd very seriously consider it at this point.

I did manage to stay focused on dietary things though. Had a mostly veggies plus some chicken dinner last night, as planned. Spent an hour or so out with the boys scooping, so a little exercise. Special K for breakfast this morning and I'm planning yogurt and fruit for lunch. After the hair thing I'll do a chicken and brown rice WW recipe using the leftover chicken.

No rehearsal tonight...just studying lines, studying lines, studying lines.....