Thursday, February 16, 2012

new do

Well, I got my body wave. It's actually kind of loose curls at the moment. Hopefully my director will not have a heart attack when I walk into rehearsal tonight. I will be working out what I'll do for Night Must Fall over the weekend. Monday is a holiday so I'll have some extra time to play with it. Late yesterday evening I fluffed it up. Wow~probably won't do that again! My head was about twice as wide as normal.

I ate right yesterday but had rather too much chardonnay so I'm going to try to stick with water and iced tea for the rest of the week. Nothing like blowing a bunch of your 'extra' points that way.

Rehearsal at 6pm tonight so I told everyone to fend for themselves. I may reconsider and ask dh to take out the ziploc of smoked turkey vegetable soup that is in the freezer. The dds may eat it or may not but I'll have a bowl and I'm sure dh will. Egg white omelet for breakfast - bacon instead of ham. Special K for lunch, I think. Maybe an apple along the way.

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