Monday, March 5, 2012

Here it is a week later - and I'm in the same spot weight-wise. I'm blaming it on Grease. Not the kind in food, the musical! DD#2 is in the ensemble and I'm back stage working costumes, hair, makeup, crowd control, etc. as usual. The show is running for two weekends so there are 3 more performances to go but we have a little break. Nothing yesterday, today, or Tuesday. Wednesday is a tune-up dress rehearsal and then the last 3 performances. I'm going to actually sit in the audience and watch on Saturday. Kevin called yesterday to say he and his mom are going to that performance and asking if I'd join them. Yay! I miss own murder (theatrically speaking, of course). It will be fun to see him enjoy Corinne's performance as Rizzo too since he's her theatrical dance teacher.

I'm going to try to actually lose a pound or two before then. As of this morning I am right back where I was the first week. I'm thinking I'll document a countdown. 34 pounds to go.....

Greek yogurt and an apple for breakfast. I have Smart Ones or chicken soup for lunch and there are mini carrots in the crisper to fill in with. I took a London broil out of the freezer as I left this morning - I'll actually be home to cook it! Will probably marinate, broil, and thinly slice. Big salad and zucchini in one form or another. Rice for the rest. Yay! Dinner!

Oh!! I almost forgot. I bought a dark chocolate cake mix and an angelfood one. Mixed them in a big ziploc and made 3,2,1 Cake last night. Soooo good, and just right for a single serving! 3 tbs mix, 2 tbs water in a coffe mug. Stir. Nuke for 1 minute. Top with lite whipped topping. Mmmmmmmm!! Just a point or so and very good. Will try other flavors later on.

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